Fornasetti Inspired

I am fascinated by the works of Fornasetti – Italian artist of 20th century. I find his works very inspiring and especially the face of Lina Cavalieri and his fishes. I used part of his works for my digital graphic collages – The Lina with fishes and line with diving helmet. There are various other wall art works available that are part of the interior of the Ardagh Hotel in Ireland.

Connemara Pony collection

Living in the West coast of Ireland I was inspired to paint this Connemara Pony Collection. These funny and quirky ponies makes one smile and are one of my most popular artworks. The Connemara Pony is native to West coast of Ireland. They are larger than normal ponies, but smaller than horses. I used watercolour, inks, pens and pencils for the artwork, and linocut for the background pattern.

dog portrait commissions

I love dogs! And love to paint them! I have done many dog commissions over the last few years. Here are few of the works I have completed. Very often people ask me to paint the dog portrait as a present for their loved ones. If you are interested in commissioned dog portrait or a quote, please get in touch with me.


I love painting landscapes and most of the scenes are inspired by Irish nature – rock walls, white small and cosy cottages, barbed wire fence and very green colours 🙂 There are paintings that are inspired from my travels in Africa, like the one with moonlight in Mozambique. Prints of different sizes of the landscapes are available my shop. 


I find painting botanical art very relaxing and meditative. I use watercolours mainly and the style in which I paint all my botanical artwork are realistic (so far :). I find tat these kind of work of art livens up the living space and and brings in a fresh note on your wall. Artist quality giclee prints are available in my Etsy shop.